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The cells building our blood vessel walls must get all the nutrition they need for proper function of our cardiovascular system and to maintain healthy blood pressure.

To assure optimal blood flow through our blood vessel pipeline, our arteries constantly contract and relax. Maintaining this rhythm requires an unceasing supply of specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other biologically active micronutrients.

Relavit is the result of pioneering research proving that micronutrients must be combined in specific teams, working in synergy, for maximum biological effect. The selected nutrients in the formula provide the vascular cells with essential biological factors needed for optimal vascular metabolism and to help maintain a healthy blood pressure.*

  • Key Synergy Nutrients:

    Arginine: A source for nitric oxide, the “relaxing factor” needed for optimum blood vessel relaxation.
    Calcium and Magnesium: Help to maintain an optimal balance of electrolytes in the cells and support blood vessel relaxation and contraction.
    Vitamin C: Increases the production of prostacyline, which supports blood vessel relaxation and optimizes blood viscosity. Vitamin C is present as mineral ascorbates which are gentle for the stomach. Citrus bioflavonoids support vitamin C in its function.


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