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Optimum function of the cells building our heart muscle is important for supporting strength and regularity of heart contractions and maintaining healthy blood circulation. Healthy function of the heart muscle assures that all cells composing our body’s organs receive a steady supply of oxygen, nutrients, hormones and other vital molecules.

The heart muscle beats 100,000 times a day and this continuous pumping function puts high demands on the heart muscle cells for production of biological energy to support the strength and regularity of the heart contractions. Biological energy cannot be generated without a continuous supply of various vitamins, trace elements and other essential nutrients which act as catalysts in the energy cycle of a cell. Therefore, providing optimum amounts of essential micronutrients to the cells building our heart muscle and blood vessels ensures our health and longevity.

With the abundance of multiple vitamin products, Enercor stands above the rest.  At his Research Institute in California, Dr. Rath and his team conduct laboratory and clinical studies and develop science-based innovative health approaches. The supplements carrying Dr. Rath’s name have better efficacy and health results than most randomly selected nutrient mixtures widely available on the market. Dr. Rath’s research pioneered the nutrient synergy approach in supplement programs for maximum health effects without a need of megadoses of individual components.*

  • Key Synergy Nutrients:

    Carnitine: Our heart muscle cells rely on fatty acid molecules as a source of energy. Therefore nutrients, such as carnitine, that facilitate the transport of fatty acids inside the cells are particularly needed to assure optimum bioenergy production. Carnitine is provided in its L-Tartrate for maximum utilization.
    Coenzyme Q10: Supports bioenergy production in the heart muscle cells to enhance the heart’s pumping action.
    Taurine: One of the sulfur containing amino acids that is found in the heart muscle, and plays an important role in the heart rhythm.
    Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12: Works together in biological synergy to support production and utilization of cellular energy.


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