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Effective immune system function is vital for our health. Our defense system is composed of a variety of immune cells that protect us from microorganisms and bio-factors (e.g., cytokines) that assist in this process. In addition, the immune system is dependent on the optimum function of certain glands, including thyroid, thymus, adrenals and others.

Specific vitamins, plant ingredients (phytobiologicals) and other micronutrients play an important role in supporting the production and function of immune cells and bio factors towards an effective immune response. An optimum daily supply of specific vitamins, minerals and many other nutritional components is essential for formation of healthy blood cells and to support the function of organs regulating our immune response.


ImmunoCell is built on our pioneering research which identified a ‘team’ of specific micronutrients providing optimum bio-energy and supporting the function of immune cells. The interactions of these micronutrient teams result in optimized health benefits and are called ‘nutrient synergy’.*


  • Key Synergy Nutrients:

    Vitamin C: Optimizes blood cell production and protects cells from free radical damage while enhancing the absorption of iron.
    Is essential for the production and function of red blood cells.
    Vitamin A:
    Important nutrient for the function of the immune system.
    Vitamins B6 and B12 together with Folic Acid:
    Essential for proper formation of blood cells in the bone marrow.


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