The Dr. Rath Synergy Formulas meet hightest ethical standards:

  • HIGHEST QUALITY – Unlike many other supplements that use cheap, artificial ingredients, we maximize the use of ingredients from natural sources and minimize the use of additives.
  • BACKED BY A WORLD CLASS RESEARCH INSTITUTE – Most other companies formulate their products based on library research. In contrast, our formulas are developed at the Dr. Rath Research Institute, one of the world leaders in natural health science.
  • TRUTHFUL HEALTH INFORMATION – Many other companies use misleading health information for financial gain. As a non-profit organization, we provide you with scientific health information you can trust.
  • ETHICAL BASIS FOR A NEW SYSTEM OF HEALTH CARE The current health care crisis is being escalated by expanding the numbers and incidence of diseases as markets for patented drugs. Through our non-profit approach to natural health science we are paving the way for a new system of health  care – focusing on the prevention and elimination of diseases.